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Are you looking for the ideal conference hotel in either Germany or abroad?
Which hotel is right for the planned event? Which location has the right facilities available?

We are an unaffiliated, independent hotel venue finder. We‘ll find the ideal hotels to meet your needs thanks to our extensive experience and knowledge of the market. Our service is fast, easy to use and absolutely free.

Just tell us what you need! We will be happy to assist you! We will compile a selection of suitable offers for you from the extensive hotel market – quickly and conveniently. We‘ll recommend hotels that fit your requirements and offer our advice. You make the final decision.

And once again: Our hotel finding service is free of charge for you.

Our Service – your benefits

It sounds so simple, but can be so complicated: Looking for the right conference hotel can be very time-consuming and difficult depending on the location and number of hotels available. You tell us the date, number of people, schedule and budget – we’ll find what you need.

Save yourself the effort of embarking on this often time-consuming and tedious search – simply call Die TAgentur under +49.611.5059952 or use our request form.

We will find the ideal solution for your requirements thanks to our extensive experience and familiarity with the market. We are happy to help you choose the right venue. We are an independent, unaffiliated agency and provide our services free of charge – just for you.

Our workflow:

  • You provide us with the wanted region, requirements and needs of your venue planing.
  • We will provide a range of available hotels in the region of your choice that best meet your needs.
  • We will discuss your additional needs with the hotel and reserve any rooms and conference spaces you need.
  • We will book your selected conference location/hotel for you. The reservation contract is made between you and the hotel only. But you only have one competent contact person – us.

Our competences

Proven Venues & conference hotels

– free of charge
– independently
– time saving

What our clients mean

Frequently asked Questions

Every time a request leads to a successful booking, we receive a commission from the respective hotel – just like a travel agency. This commission doesn’t increase the price of your hotel. Our prices will never be higher than the rates hotels will offer you directly – we guarantee it.

We will send you a list of offers at the best rates possible. These prices will never be higher than a direct booking. If you are limited to a specific budget, we will be happy to negotiate the price for you. In most cases, you pay less than if you book directly – thanks to our agreements with many hotel chains.

You send us the details of your event, including budget information if possible. We will contact all of the hotels which meet your requirements and check their available capacities. We will send you the list of offers and advise you on the right location for your event.

Once you have decided on a location, simply let us know. We’ll contact the hotels for you. If desired, we can also arrange an option date for you. The responsible hotel department will contact you directly to discuss the final details for your event. The reservation contract is arranged between you and the hotel. In other words, you (the company) and the hotel are the parties to the contract.

You can rest assured that we will contact all suitable hotels in the area where your event will take place. Once we submit a request to the hotels, they usually reserve the capacities straight away. If many hotel venue finders send requests for the same event, these can overlap at various hotels.

We believe that requests and communication should be conducted in a fair, open manner. Sending the same request to other agencies simultaneously is unnecessary.





Your Request

If you are planning an event for 15 to 5000 people, including conference fees and overnight hotel accommodations, enter your details in the request form. We will send you a list of recommended hotels as quickly as possible.

Please contact us once you have a set or estimated event date and are certain it will take place.

Our Request form you find here for download.